Wednesday, July 01, 2009


That's a line that Leonard recited at his concert, which is also part of the 'Recitation' track on the 'Live in London album.

I had one of the worst evenings ever last night.

The day started out sunny and amazing. I got to see Ms. Ciarla, who was in town for a rare appearance. Then of course it began to rain (as it seems to every damn day this summer) but I was working on Fashion Spot editing anyhow so I didn't worry too much.

Then I went to this gallery opening in an obscure part of the LES/Chinatown.

The gentleman caller who invited me ended up being an hour late, without the requisite polite text message, and that was incongruous because, who does that?!? Then the show was unremarkable, one of those pretentious pseudo-intellectual openings that attracts every fake downtown 'magazine party whore' who is only there to stand outside in white pants or black skinny jeans, glaring at everyone except the 5 androgynous people they know and pretend to love.

When I was a kid, dreaming of NYC, I imagined myself going to gallery openings. I did not imagine people who acted like they were still in high school would be there too.

The Chelsea scene is a bit less irritating, because at least if you hate one gallery scene, you can go to another down the street. In Chinatown, all you have are dumplings and locals staring at you like you don't belong in their 'hood.

The night went from bad to worse.

I was in heels, and a corset (which seemed like a good idea since I thought the night would be so much better than it was) and I was so sick with disgust I ended up retreating indoors by 1 a.m.

And all day I have been thinking about who I choose to surround myself with versus the people I can't even stand to talk to, because that vicious, shallow attitude goes against everything I believe in. And it's so boring....


svn said...

I've seen this picture before!

The best friend one is the one who loves you enough to slip a drug into your drink, steal your keys, photograph and if you're lucky, blackmail you!!!

boy, have i been played in that game before... "illusion of security" i call it

too bad about the 1 am part

~svn seven

Love and Lace said...

Sometimes reality isn't as good as the dream.