Saturday, December 08, 2012

Hotel Discipline

You Do Not Have To Love Me

-By Leonard Cohen

You do not have to love me
just because
you are all the women
I have ever wanted
I was born to follow you
every night
while I am still
the many men who love you

I meet you at a table
I take your fist between my hands
in a solemn taxi
I wake up alone
my hand on your absence
in Hotel Discipline

I wrote all these songs for you
I burned red and black candles
shaped like a man and a woman
I married the smoke
of two pyramids of sandalwood
I prayed for you
I prayed that you would love me
and that you would not love me

After writing / producing Minx: Dream War, I was admittedly burnt out.

One of my friends who used to work in the music business advised me to take a "life experience gap" (a term used for the time artists take off between the first successful album in order to replenish and write the next one).

So I did...and I had a great summer-into-fall-into-winter. 
But it's time to write the next graphic novel.

Inspiration comes in many forms: Travel, walking through assorted city streets, taking photos. The din of night, the clatter of early morning sunrise.  And today it hit me (in San Francisco) as to how delinquent I've been with creative writing lately. It's not that I don't have anything to say, but rather; I just feel very quiet about revealing it.

Any writing teacher I've had has said "It's a discipline - write every day!"

And I do, but sometimes it's via what seems like hundreds of carefully constructed emails?  Does that count as prose?


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