Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is What Burnout Looks Like...

With a decent chunk of time off between Christmas and New Year's, I decided to visit Canada.

Coming home always relaxes me.  I like to hear the cacophony of an accent I abandoned long ago, and the extreme levels of politeness.

As a creative, I have a high need for solitude, and it was dreamy to spend Christmas alone in a gorgeous house by myself (I am not sentimental about the holidays).

Perhaps because I work so hard in New York, I sleep ridiculously long hours in Canada, probably in some kind of attempt to recover from burnout.

And I read a lot.

Sure, I know I should be disciplined about writing my next MINX book, but I also know that I'll put myself on a stringent production schedule in 2013.

That said, I received exciting news that a Native American short story from the 1800s I adapted is coming out soon as part of an anthology: "The Hunter & Medicine Legend"

MUSIC INSPIRATION OF THE MOMENT: "Total Dust" by Dusted.  Worth a listen.

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