Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Be Alone

Another creative film project I worked on this fall with my talented director friend Donari Braxton is part of a series of shorts called How to Be Alone.

Donari's films are experimental and evoke the interior landscape of an artist. 

My film is entitled How to Make An Art Video and you can watch it, below.

how to make an art video || from how-to-be-alone . com on Vimeo.

This is the inspiration for the series: 

these videos are intended to most directly benefit people who do not know how to be alone.
personal feelings indicating applicability for personal-use of these videos may include:

- general discomfit/malaise
- attenuated attention span / "browser finger"
- fear of dark / etc.
- compulsion to share lunch photographies
- desire to be more handy around the house
- complicated relationship status or elsewise
- addiction to online chess
- preoccupation with liking and/or aversion to love
- lack of purpose in executing remedial tasks (completion of charts, etc)
- lack of self-confidence in executing rudimentary tasks (walking up the stairs, etc.)
- systematic refusal to worship celebrities (two or more celebrities)
- insincere text-messaging
- is currently trending
- cartoon deity angst
- easily distracted by cats (one or more cats)
- irresistible impulse to apologize
- number symbol
- melting
- persistent fear of public forums
- for iron
- just tagged
- delusions of grandeur (encyclopedic compendiums)
- tunnel vision / opposite
- delete delete delete
- general longing