Monday, January 06, 2014

Home: A Commotion

Photo by Gigi Stoll
They say that you can never go home again.

An allegory for the fact that we all change so much throughout our lives that when we return to origins our perspective is highly altered, and we don't derive the same comfort from what once placated our tension. 

It's been several years since I was home for the holidays.

After a long time in New York without a car, I was pleased to find that I still have serious skills when it comes to parallel parking - a vital skill in Canada.

A lot of the streets have changed due to construction, and I got lost almost everywhere I drove...spinning down forgotten roads, then finding my way again.

Reflecting upon the past, planning for the future, reconnecting with friends and family.  Explaining my renewed passion for 19th Century Lit and business books.  Existentialism discussed over afternoon tea.

How I am focusing on writing a new novel while giving comic books a bit of a break, because I want to measure the landscape of digital versus print when it comes to what people actually collect.
My serious business ventures for 2014 (top secret for now).

One of the most profound things I've noticed here is that my flesh is on fire here, burning hot indoors.  The rooms of the houses feel overheated, and I crave the brisk ocean air, opening windows and doors as much as as possible. I used to freeze when I lived here, and right now everyone around me is chilled, wondering whether I have a fever because I tear my layers off everywhere I go, skin reeling from the heat.  Perhaps I've just gotten used to the brutal East Coast winters.  This is simply a metaphor for how I've changed.   

My mantra has always been "Let go of the things that no longer serve you".  We constantly need to re-evaluate where we have been and where we are going next. The year of 2013 was tempestuous for many, and January is always a fresh start.  

Last year, I attempted to conform to things that did not resonate in my heart because they were expected if I was going to climb the traditional corporate ladder. But without asking myself what I really wanted.  I learned a lot, sure...but I put some of my most profound artistic projects on hold, and briefly forgot that I flourish when I create content, whether my own work or that of my digital clients.

For a writer, the voice is everything. And the ability to write in other voices is a gift, paramount to success.

So let's take it back to music and lyrics.  One of my favorite songs of 2013-into-2014 is by Feist, a nice Canadian gal that my friends from Timber Timbre toured with for her album, Metals.  Lyrical passion.  Rare crescendo.     


"A Commotion"
- Feist

It flickered to light
It turned broke what was right
Got the roots by the hair
What was no longer there
It blocked out the sun
It climbed up the stairs
And then it slipped through the cracks
I wasn't watching my back

A commotion

If it rips you all apart,
Glad you've still got your heart

It stalked through the rooms
And then it tore the sheets off the bed
It ripped the books off the shelf, it turned heaven to hell
held me down tight
took all my fight
It broke all the windows
In came flame from the candle

A commotion
If it rips you all apart,
Glad you've still got your heart.

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Parker Hedges said...

Cant wait to hear about your book and other 2014 projects. love your Island fan. parker