Monday, March 03, 2014

What Silence Looks Like (In the Winter that Never Ends)

We are having what is pretty much the most brutal East Coast winter in a decade or longer.  This means that we city folks without cars intrinsically try to avoid the skin-shredding cold as much as possible, in and out of meetings, gravitating towards central heating and hot cups of tea.

Research for a top-secret-amazing project today led to the below cool image of Jack White, which seems to epitomize the duality of the artistic nature.  In my experience, most artists feel one way within their skin, then look in the mirror and see truth and poetry and a face that might look like someone else.  

Sometimes, all you crave is silence (especially when you are woken up at 6 am to the harsh sound of shovels scraping the cement sidewalk in an attempt to remove the incessant snow).

Jack White

Since we just finished #FashionMonth, the #Oscars, etc people are more concerned with pop culture and pretty dresses than musings, so I am going to take pause and try to warm up for  a sec...


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